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Flexible Working

Employees have come to want flexibility not only where they work, but when they work. Flexible working is different for every organisation, every team and every employee. Whether your team wants support or to explore remote working, hybrid working, a 4 day work week or something else, we will help you figure out what works for you. We will look at how it might impact your business and your customers and work with you on solutions.

Introductory Consultation

This introductory consultation will give us an opportunity to explore some of the challenges you face in your business. Managing distributed teams can uncover problems in performance, engagement, productivity, communication. Having worked with global distributed teams for over 10 years, we will help provide you with tools to improve these challenges. If further partnership is required we can discuss next steps.


Ways of Working

We work with teams to develop governance around ways of working. We simplify communication channels, encourage asynchronous communication (ie reduce hours of lengthy meetings) and help develop transparency. We help you look for efficiencies in terms of costs, processes and most importantly time. Simplicity is one of our keys to success.

Working From Home

Managing Performance in Distributed Teams

We will explore the challenges your team is facing. We will work with you and your team to develop a goal based mindset within the team. We will help you build motivation within the team. We will work with you to improve collaboration and engagement.

Online Meeting
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